The Firm is committed to assisting clients in meeting the substantial challenges they face in the rapidly changing wireless, wired, high-tech and media industries. We represent a multitude of clients across the communications industry. Our Telecommunications practice provides regulatory, litigation, and transactional legal services, not only to traditional voice and data service providers, but also to clients who face keeping up with today’s changing Telecommunications industry. Due to the growth of the entertainment and sports activities in the country we also provide a wide range of services for those in the entertainment, sports and gaming industry in Tanzania. We assist clients such as Musician and entertainers to get into win-win contracts for their well-being. We also assist foreign companies trying to get into the gaming industry in Tanzanian such as sports betting and like. Digital content Law we assist digital content companies to ensure their creation and innovation gathers the most value to those to whom it is expected to be used. That being the case we assist IT supports company before on how to formalize the innovations so as to gain an add value to their returns as well as offering them with appropriate legal protection


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