Mr. Yohana John Mganga

Legal Counsel

Mr. Yohana John Mganga is a Legal Counsel of the Firm. He is in charge of Corporate, Commercial and Natural Resources. He is a registered Advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and subordinates Courts thereto save for Primary Courts. He has 8 years as a registered Attorney in Tanzania, his area of Practice includes but not limited Oil and Gas, Mining, IP and Digital Content Law. Mr. Yohana has a reach background with Oil & Gas and Mining Law, areas of which he practiced the most prior to joining the Firm. He also has a very wide
experience in Company Secretarial and Corporate Governance having worked as Company Secretary for
both Public and Private Companies. He has a LLB from Tumaini University, LLM in Corporate and Commercial Law from the University of Dar es salaam, a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from the Law school of Tanzania. He also has been trained by the London Institute of Administrators and Secretaries on Company Secretarial roles.

Education and Qualifications:


Higher Rights of Audience (Civil Proceedings) College of Law, London.

2013 — 2014

Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Oxford University

2009 — 2010

Bachelor of Laws degree, including Legal Practice Course College of Law, London

2008 — 2009

Graduate Diploma in Law, College of Law

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